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We aired our first episode of The Routine Podcast in November of 2017.  Producing a podcast was something that Chelcie had begun thinking about a year before where she felt that it would be good to have a gymnast perspective added to the “gymternet.”  Additionally, Chelcie wanted to share the fun of watching collegiate meets with others who had the same passion and love for the sport that she had.  Once that was decided, came the next question – who would do the podcast with her?  Step in, as always, her mom Dianna.  What wouldn’t a mother do to help her child achieve her goals?

Dianna’s claim?  Simply put, a gymnastic mom.  She understands the sacrifices, the highs, the lows and of course the commitment that families make to support a child competing in gymnastics.  She offers a parent’s view, sometimes unfiltered and often off-topic, as a fan of the sport, but more importantly, a fan of her daughter.

The Routine Podcast brings the “gymnastics community” together to engage in a shared love and knowledge of what it takes to compete at some of highest levels of women’s gymnastics.  Our podcast respects the gymnasts first and foremost and appreciates that these are young women taking classes during the week and on the weekend, performing highly skilled and difficult techniques with thousands of cheering fans watching.

Your support as a listener helps us to continue our goals of producing The Routine Podcast and continue our commitment to support women’s collegiate gymnastics.  We are sincerely thankful for your generosity!


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