Episode 6: Popularity of Women’s College Gymnastics

Happy first week of the 2018 NCAA gymnastics season!  On today’s episode of The Routine Podcast: Gymnastics Conversations, we share some of our listeners’ comments and discuss the growth in popularity of NCAA gymnastics over the past couple of years.  We also give a preview of which meets we are most excited to watch this weekend. Continue the conversation with us.  Tweet us, email us, or leave us a voicemail on our website.
Why do you think NCAA gymnastics has become more popular? What are your thoughts on the new 2019 post-season format?  Is this better for the athletes?  Or is this format better for broadcasters? We look forward to reading your comments again!
SEC Storied: Sarah and Suzanne
2019 Post-season format
NCAA Gymnastics Growth Articles:
New York Times
Daily News
Road to Nationals
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