Episode 82: Roll Tide Senior Spotlight

Episode 82: Roll Tide Senior Spotlight

The Routine Podcast
The Routine Podcast
Episode 82: Roll Tide Senior Spotlight

Today we celebrate the success of three more seniors this time focusing on the University of Alabama.  We also get ready for next week’s “Fan Favorites” episode. Be sure to share which routines were your favorites during the 2020 season. Tweet us, leave us a voicemail or comment below.

  1. Favorite vault of the 2020 season?
  2. Favorite bar routine of the 2020 season?
  3. Favorite beam routine of the 2020 season?
  4. Favorite floor routine of the 2020 season?
  5. Favorite gymnast of 2020 the season?
  6. Favorite team of 2020 the season?
  7. Favorite team leos of 2020 the season?
  8. Favorite Routine Podcast episode of 2020 the season?

Wynter Childers Floor Routine
Maddie Desch Floor Routine
Shae Mahoney Senior Night

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1 comment on “Episode 82: Roll Tide Senior Spotlight

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Chelcie and Dianna! Well here we are another week in Quarantine and again I looked forward to your podcast! It was great to hear you’re both doing well and spending the time together. I really enjoyed the discussion on the Alabama team as I agree they were very strong this season. I think their Seniors were very great leaders and the team will miss them. I agree with Chelcie on Maddie Desch and her floor routine with that great pass that seems to go on forever! Dana as their coach is so inspirational hearing her speak! Thanks again for great content and look forward to hearing about Denver! Stay safe in Quarantine! Melissa

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