In today’s episode, we recognize this year’s seniors and celebrate their success before the season starts. We also chat with University of North Carolina commentator Christina Chauvenet. She discusses what code changes we should look out for this year and what this means for the composition of routines on each event.

Continue the conversation with us! Which seniors are you most excited to watch this year and how do you feel about two pass floor routines? Do you think there should be a deduction if gymnast do not perform three passes? Let us know!

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Maggie Nichols 2017 Super Six Vault

Kyla Ross 2019 10.0 Vault

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1 comment on “Episode 67: 2020 Seniors

  1. Megan Greenfield says:

    I was a D1 gymnast and at the end of my career we actually changed my floor routine to a 2 pass! I had three knee surgeries and 1 hip surgery so for me personally it was so helpful on my body, especially with competing every week and getting my numbers in during training! Having a 3 pass was definitely more enjoyable to do & watch but the 2 pass was good to save my body!

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