Episode 26: Raising Twins in Gymnastics

Today we start off our Summer Series with an interview from Neil Glen, the father of Grace and Anna Glen of the UCLA gymnastics team.  Neil shares with us what it was like to watch both of his daughters compete in the 2018 National Championship, how Anna and Grace got into the sport, what the recruiting process was like when both of his daughters wanted to attend the same school, and advice for other parents of gymnasts.  Thank you for talking with us Neil! Hopefully we will get to meet you in person at a meet next year!

We are excited to continue this Summer Series with more great interviews from members of the gymnastics community! Tweet us, email us, or leave us a voicemail. What are your thoughts on our first “in depth interview”?  Who would you like us to interview in a future episode? Don’t forget to take our survey if you haven’t already!

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