Today we give you a run down of our plans for Nationals. This is the weekend we have been looking forward to all season!  For our “Nationals Mini-Series,” you can look forward to us sharing all of our thoughts and opinions on bonus episodes this Saturday and Sunday.  If you plan on going to St. Louis, please come and see us at our MEET UP! We will be having the meet up right after the first session, outside of the arena.  We will tweet our exact location closer to the time of the meet up.

Don’t forget to share all of your thoughts with us about Nationals even if you won’t be there in person.  Tweet us, email us, or leave us a voicemail.  What are you looking forward to most during nationals? And, how do they determine​​ which side of the bracket will be in the afternoon session and which side will be in the evening session? Let us know!  We’re excited to experience the best part of season with you all!

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