Episode 14: Another Week, Another Achilles Tear

Today we share some of our many listener comments and share the sad news of Kennedy Baker’s injury.  Chelcie shares when she tore her Achilles and we discuss some possibilities of why there seems to be an increase in this devastating injury.  We also discuss some of our highlights from the LSU vs. Georgia and UCLA vs. OSU meets.  Congratulations Cal and Yale on record breaking weekends!

Continue the conversation with us! Tweet us, email us, or leave us a voicemail.  Moms, would you be interested in a bag with “#ThisMomTweets”?  Why do you think we are seeing an increased number of Achilles injuries in recent years? Who do you think UCLA will take out of their floor lineup this weekend?

William A Sands PhD, FACSM Achilles Injuries Article
Miss Val Meet Recap
Nia Dennis Bruin Banter
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