Month: February 2020

Episode 76: The Battle Out West

Today we talk about the battle out west, UCLA vs Utah, and our event highlights of this much anticipated meet. Dr. Dave Tilley dials into the voicemail machine and gives us knowledge on the increased number of achilles tears and his thoughts on what should be done about it.  And, of course we share listener…

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Episode 75: A Look at Division II & III Collegiate Gymnastics

Today we welcome back College Gym News senior editor Rebecca who shares valuable information about what’s happening in Division II and III collegiate gymnastics.  We learn about team rankings and gymnasts to watch as we approach the end of regular season and the beginning of post season.  Rebecca also shares which four teams she thinks…

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Episode 74: A Conversation with University of Florida Choreographer Jeremy Miranda

While at the University of Florida last month, we had the chance to sit down with the choreographer for the Gators, Jeremy Miranda. He shared how he became the team’s choreographer, what his process is in creating routines, and what it was like working in New York on stage as an actor and dancer. Let us…

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Episode 73: Catching up with Jason and Mary Fredericks

Today we catch up with our long time friends Jason and Mary Fredericks. Jason updates us on the new Road to Nationals app and Mary gives us some insight in her new head coaching position at Southern Connecticut State University. They both also share which teams they think will be at Nationals this year. Music:…

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