Month: January 2020

Episode 72: A Night for 10s in the SEC

Join us as we share the fun of our first travel meet of the year at one of the most anticipated meets of the season, LSU vs University of Florida. Listen to our favorite moments and comments from Trinity Thomas, Alyssa Baumann and Head Coach Jenny Rowland. What were some of your highlights from the…

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Episode 71: A Conversation with Kathy Johnson Clarke

Our best NCAA gymnastics commentator, best gymnastics teacher, Olympic medalist and mom to every gymnast Kathy Johnson Clark spends time talking with us. Kathy shares what her goals are as a commentator, her thoughts on the growth of women’s college gymnastics, and what it’s like to work with the crew of ESPN’s “Friday Night Heights.”…

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Episode 70: Week Two of NCAA Gymnastics

Today we share some of our highlights from the meets last weekend including Boise State vs UCLA, LSU vs Georgia, and Auburn vs Alabama. We also share our listener emails and comments.  What were some of your favorite moments from the meets last weekend? Let us know! Email us, tweet us, or leave us a…

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Episode 69: Must Watch Freshman Sierra Brooks

Today we chat with University of Michigan star freshman Sierra Brooks. Sierra shares why she decided to graduate high school a year early, why she chose University of Michigan, and what goals the team has for the 2020 gymnastics season. Become a Routine Podcast member to hear Sierra’s answers to the 5 questions we ask every…

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Episode 68: What to Say or Better Yet, What Not to Say

Stuck in knowing what to say to your gymnast daughter at the end of a long practice?  In today’s episode, we get advice from Rebecca Smith of Complete Performance Coaching. She shares why athletic mental stability is just as important at physical stability.  Learn the five things you should never say after practice or a competition….

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