Month: January 2019

Episode 43: Postseason Changes

Today we chat with Jason and Mary Fredericks, the creators of Road to Nationals. They talk about their new coaching positions at Towson University and what new features they’ve added to their website, including video capabilities! They also discuss the new postseason format that we can expect at the end of this season. Continue the…

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Episode 42: “Living in the Moment”

Today we travel to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the highly anticipated LSU vs University of Florida meet. We share what it was like to be at the meet in person including sounds from the meet and interviews with Sarah Finnegan and D-D Breaux. What did you all think of the meet? What were some of…

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Episode 41: Fantasy Gymnastics

Today we talk with Fantasy Gymnastics creator Kristen Watkins. Kristen shares why she started Fantasy Gymnastics after MIT dropped their gymnastics team, how the game is played, and what strategies she recommends for players. We also recap the last weekend of meets including the amazing first meet from University of Florida and the entertaining Auburn…

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Episode 40: Incoming Freshmen Making Their Mark

Today we share the results from our survey on who will win the NCAA National Championship this year.  Plus, we recap some of the highlights from this first weekend of meets and we interview University of Florida freshmen Savannah Schoenherr and Trinity Thomas about choosing Florida and what they are most looking forward to in their…

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Episode 39: Chatting with Miss Val

Today we get the chance to catch up with UCLA head coach Valorie Kondos-Field. We relive the nationals win, plus Miss Val talks about her decision to retire.  She also shares her motivation for writing her new book “Life is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance.” Congratulations to Miss Val on such an incredible career and for…

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