Month: December 2018

Episode 38: 2019 Seniors

Today we talk about this year’s seniors. We share some of the seniors that our listeners are excited to watch this year as well as our top three seniors we are excited to watch. Also, congratulations to Simone Biles on being named as the most dominant athlete in 2018! Continue the conversation with us! Tweet us,…

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Episode 37: 2019 Coaching Changes

Today we talk about an array of topics including what it’s like to return to gymnastics an an adult, the 2019 Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics Association Preseason Poll results, and coaching changes this season. Next week, we are discussing this year’s seniors and we want your input! Which senior are you most excited to watch this…

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Episode 36: Intrasquad Highlights

Today we recap some of the intrasquads from this past week. The teams we discuss are University of Maryland, University of Utah, and UCLA. We share what routines surprised us and are looking forward to watching this season. Did you watch any intrasquads this week? What were some routines that surprised you? What intrasquads did…

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Episode 35: 2019 Freshmen

Today we talk about the anticipated incoming freshmen for the 2019 season. We share which gymnasts we are most excited to watch make an impact this season. Continue the conversation with us! Tweet us, email us, or leave us a voicemail. Which incoming freshmen are you most excited to watch this season? Who do you…

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