Month: December 2017

Episode 05: “Life is Too Short, Don’t Forget to Dance”

Today we catch up on the most recent televised intrasquads from the Georgia Gymdogs, UCLA Bruins, and LSU Tigers.  We share some of our favorite moments as well as potential concerns for the 2018 season. We also do a quick check on the new freshmen that we are excited to see compete.  Continue the conversation…

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Episode 04: 2018 Seniors

Today we celebrate 2018 seniors as they prepare for their last season of gymnastics. Chelcie shares her perspectives and the difficulty of navigating through the last year – through emotions, injuries, and expectations. Continue the conversation with us! Tweet us, email us, or leave us a voicemail on our website.  Which seniors are you sad to say…

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Episode 03: Weight

Today we talk about the body weight culture in gymnastics.  This episode was inspired by Katelyn Ohashi’s blog post, Dear Voices. We also discuss our personal experiences as a former gymnast and parent of a gymnast of the weight culture and what we may have done differently if we could do it again.  Thank you…

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Episode 02: Preseason Highlights

On our second episode of The Routine Podcast: Gymnastics Conversations, we share some of our favorite Intrasquad highlights as well as what we are excited about this upcoming season.  Who are you most excited about watching this season? Is it too early for 2018 NCAA Champion predictions? Continue the conversation with us, we want to…

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