Episode 81: Gymnastics Moving Forward

As we all still recover from the abrupt ending of the collegiate gymnastics season, on...

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Episode 80: Senior Spotlight

Today we have our first installment of our new segment, “Senior Spotlight.” Every week, we...

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Episode 79: The End of the 2020 NCAA Gymnastics Season

Today we recount the crazy week and the devastating news ending the 2020 NCAA gymnastics season. We...

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Episode 78: Headed Toward Post Season

As we look toward the post season, we recap some of the last week’s meets...

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Episode 77: Highlights for Week Nine of Women’s College Gymnastics

Another big weekend for University of Denver’s gymnast Maddie Karr.  Maddie scored her second 10...

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Episode 76: The Battle Out West

Today we talk about the battle out west, UCLA vs Utah, and our event highlights...

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Episode 75: A Look at Division II & III Collegiate Gymnastics

Today we welcome back College Gym News senior editor Rebecca who shares valuable information about...

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Episode 74: A Conversation with University of Florida Choreographer Jeremy Miranda

While at the University of Florida last month, we had the chance to sit down...

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Episode 73: Catching up with Jason and Mary Fredericks

Today we catch up with our long time friends Jason and Mary Fredericks. Jason updates...

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